Your Sweet Divine

Welcome to Freezer Bride, an Ethel Cain tribute & fanlisting. Ethel Cain is the character work of the brillant singer-songwriter & producer Hayden Silas Anhedönia. You may be familiar with the catchy single "American Teenager," but Preacher's Daughter is an epic concept album from start to finish that rewards multiple listens. I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself and checking out her other works as well. If you are a fan of her music already, why not become a daughter of Cain?

Keep in mind that this site is a work in progress.

These crosses all over my body remind me of who I used to be. And Christ forgive these bones I'm hiding from no one successfully. Jesus can always reject his father, but he cannot escape his mother's blood. He'll scream and try to wash it off of his fingers, but he'll never escape what he's made up of. The fate's already fucked me sideways; swinging by my neck from the family tree. He'll laugh and say, "You know I raised you bеtter than this." Then leavе me hanging so they all can laugh at me. - Family Tree (Intro)