Blessed Be

Welcome to Daughters of Cain, the approved Ethel Cain fanlisting. Ethel Cain is the character work of the brillant singer-songwriter & producer Hayden Silas Anhedönia. You may be familiar with the catchy single "American Teenager," but Preacher's Daughter is an epic concept album from start to finish that rewards multiple listens. I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself and checking out her other works as well. If you are a fan of her music already, why not become a daughter of Cain?

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Daughters of Cain was opened on 31st January 2023. Its last update was on 17th April 2023. Since then, the member count is 3 (+ 0 pending), with our latest member being Lindsay.

Blessed be the Daughters of Cain
Bound to suffering eternal through the sins of their fathers committed long before their conception
Blessed be their whore mothers
Tired and angry, waiting with bated breath in a ferry that will never move again
Blessed be the children
Each and every one come to know their god through some senseless act of violence
Blessed be you, girl
Promised to me by a man who can only feel hatred and contempt towards you
I am no good nor evil, simply I am, and I have come to take what is mine
I was there in the dark when you spilled your first blood
I am here now as you run from me still
Run then, child
You can't hide from me forever