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Welcome to, yet another domain owned by Kara. This space is intended to be a quiet place for the thoughts of a My Bloody Valentine obsessive (no, this site doesn't have anything to do with the manga). This layout was inspired by the Loveless album track "Loomer," which is definitely one of my favorites off of it. It gives me such an unreal feeling to listen to it, and I'm not sure I nailed that with my graphic but it actually came out beautiful.

she found now

Who is Kara? Well, she's a girl who has a serious yin and yang to her personality. This just so happens to be the yang side. She loves pastel (especially pink), bubblegum k-pop music, designing soft aesthetic rooms in Animal Crossing, cute character customization in video games and Pikachu. If she were Pokemon types, she would be Water (She is a triple Cancer!) and Psychic (again, Cancers are in tune with everything, ok?).

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